9 Tips on Choosing a Safe Company to Practice Paragliding

Doubt of the Companies that Offer Insurance

In Peru there is no insurance against the activity of the Paraglider. If they offer you insurance, you can ask for the policy number, they will most likely have a good answer to not show you anything. Normally it serves as an excuse to charge you some extra money or justify the high prices. A company that is not sincere with its customers, most likely does not offer you a good service.

Check the ratings of the Social Networks

Check your ratings on the different Social Networks Facebook, Google Plus, Trip Advisor. Must have at least 500 ratings, have good and bad grades and have an average rating of 4 stars.

Doubt of the cCompanies That do Not Accept to Classify Them in The Social Networks

A company that does not accept to rate them in the different Social Networks, is a company that has a lot to hide. Most likely, they have very bad customer service, so they prefer not to accept qualifications.

Doubt of companies that have only 5 - 10 - qualifications.

They are probably not real qualifications. Believe us to get 5 – 10 friends that help you validate the business well, it’s very simple, they must have at least 500 qualifications, which really show that they are “customers” who qualify, not friends.

Find a company that has at least 500 qualifications for more.

For a company to demonstrate confidence and seriousness, it must have at least 500 ratings from different people on the main Social Networks Facebook, Google Plus, Trip Advisor, show that they are real ratings, have good, bad ratings and be above the average of the 4 star rating.

Doubt of the companies that do not have very pleasant comments.

Believe us every company makes mistakes, not even the big world companies stop having bad opinions. A company that has been in the market for years and does not have a bad rating is most likely to manipulate its ratings, and therefore is not a serious company, you have to doubt them.

Do not believe in companies that only have a Facebook Fanpage.

For a company to be it would have to have:

  1. Web page.
  2. Own domain. (Example www.thecompany.com)
  3. A corporate email. (example@laempresa.com)
  4. Several social networks You Tube, Trip Advisor, Facebook, Google Plus.
  5. Have a Logo that identifies the company.

A company that does not care about its image, will not worry about giving you a good service, much less will give you a safe service with equipment in good condition.


Do not believe in Facebook pages that have less than 200 thousand followers.

To be sure that a company that offers us its services through its Facebook is serious and good service must have at least 200 thousand followers, that shows that it has years in the market, good service and has a good customer service.

Check the Ratings of Social Networks

Search for the company in the different Social Networks Facebook, Google Plus, Trip Advisor and check their qualifications, remember that for the company to be reliable, it must have at least 5000 qualifications, be over 200 thousand followers, have good and bad qualifications and Be above an average rating of 4 stars.

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