There are a series of points to take into account when taking the service such as, choosing the place, time, measurements and design of the banner and the coordinations to carry out the message.

Location: First is the area to choose to carry out the aerial messages. We cannot fly over the city. It has to be in wide places, such as beaches, open fields. Some places we recommend are: Pantanos de Villa, Playa San Pedro – Lurin, Punta Hermosa, San Bartolo. You can choose any restaurant, club or beach where you will carry out the advertising message.

Time: the flight must be at any time of the day. Aerial advertising is not allowed at night.

Minimum order time: To make the banner it has to be at least 5 working days.

Banner size and designs: It is 7 meters long by 1.50 meters wide. And it can be in colors and designs as you wish. I recommend you to look at the pictures so you can have better ideas and a clearer idea of what you really want.

Flying time: 5 passes but this may vary a little depending on the wind and the time it takes to reach the place where the advertising message will be made.

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Aerial Advertising

We have a fabulous promotion for air advertisements or air messages of 550 soles. It includes a fabulous banner of 7 meters long by 1.50 meters high.