Condor Xtreme Paragliding
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Paragliding Costa Verde

We offer a fabulous aerial tour of the 4 best districts of the Costa Verde in Lima, Magdalena, San isidro, Miraflores and San Miguel. Everything in the tour lasts between 10-15 minutes: FREE Full HD Video so you can Share this super experience with those you want most.
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Paragliding Punta Hermosa Lima-Peru
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Paragliding Punta Hermosa

✰✰We offer a fabulous aerial tour of 4 very popular beaches in southern Lima. Arica Beach, Los Pulpos Beach, Frontera Beach and Punta Hermosa. The entire air journey lasts approximately 15 minutes, FREE a video in Full HD so you can share this incredible experience with those you most want. Includes: Vídeo Full HD. Round Trip Transfer Mobility. Complete equipment, Helmet, Harness, Etc. Instructor
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10 – 15 Minutes