Aerial Advertising Service by Airplane in Peru

Aerial Advertising in Airplanes In Peru: is a great medium wherever there are large crowds of people at a given time (beaches, concerts, soccer stadiums, motorcycle or car circuits, bullrings, etc.), people being idle and hearing a plane automatically raise their heads and watch as the plane passes with its sign hanging.

Advertising in the sky has countless advantages: no change of page, channel or station, no interference and millions of impacts of your ad in a single day.

A medium that will maximize the profitability of your advertising budget at a minimum cost.


In Aerial Advertising in Peru IMAGE IS EVERYTHING. For this reason, we offer different types of posters that are completely adapted to the needs of advertisers.

Advantages of Aerial Advertising

  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Greater prominence due to the fact that it is a moving support in the air
  • A must-see if you pass by where we are
  • Continuous repetition of the announcement
  • Captive audience assimilating the message in a relaxed moment
  • High brand recall
  • It is more effective than other conventional advertising media
  • Possibility of reusing production for subsequent campaigns
  • Allows the geographical choice of the coast (or events with high public attendance) where the advertising action is to be carried out.
  • Free choice of day and time slot

peru light aircraft advertising

publicidad en avionetas peru
publicidad en avionetas peru
publicidad en avionetas peru

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