Callao Yacht Ride

Callao Yacht Ride: heading towards San Lorenzo Island passing through an area called El Camotal (which is a part of Callao that sank in colonial times), we arrive almost to the center of San Lorenzo Island to continue bordering the island to the south, then we border the Frontón Island which is next, we reach the end of the Frontón and turn around to go to the Palomino Islands that are behind San Lorenzo and El Frontón, this first part lasts an average of an hour and a half during which you have a guide who will explain it to you.

In the Palomino Islands there is a population of approximately 5000 to 8000 sea lions, where after skirting the islands and see the sea lions, the yacht stops and you can go down to swim with them, on board there is a crew member who first demonstrates how to swim with the sea lions and if you dare you can go down to another floor of the yacht that is free and where we have 2 cabins, 2 bathrooms and a lounge to change and bathe in turns and the crew member accompanies and directs them in the water.

Callao Yacht trip to the Palomino Islands (sea lions) where we stop for about 40 minutes to observe and swim with the sea lions.



  • Yacht Trip ( Capacity 25 Passengers ).
  • Life Vest.
  • Tourist Guide.
  • Lifeguard guide to accompany people who dare to swim
  • Light snacks, hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages upon return after visiting Palomino Islands.
  • Motion Sickness Tablet Dimenidrate for Adults and Pediatric Gravol for Babies and Toddlers.



Morning: 10:30am to 2:00pm


A 4-hour tour of the bay and islands of Callao. Created especially for history and nature lovers.


We will have a panoramic view from the yacht to the following islands

  • San Lorenzo Island (Naval Base).
  • El Frontón Island (Former prison).
  • Cabinzas Islands (guano birds).

Embarkation Location : Plaza Grau Dock, Callao

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Embarkation Location : Plaza Grau Dock, Callao

Paseo en Yate Lima
Paseo en Yate Callao
Paseo en Yate Callao
Paseo en Yate Lima
Paseo en Yate Callao

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