Laguna Humantay Trekking

Laguna Humantay Trekking Cusco is an excellent region located between the mountains of the Andes. And here, wherever you go, you will always be amazed by so much history, food, music and so much more than that and as are the pleasant landscapes. Until recently, the Humantay Lagoon remained hidden from the outside world, but today, this turquoise lagoon has become a must-see gem for nature lovers who come to Cusco and therefore to Machu Picchu as well. This is a travel guide to reach the Humantay Lagoon and complete a trip full of rewarding experiences for a lifetime.

Data Trekking Humantay Lagoon

  • Distance from Cusco: 124 KM
  • Driving time: 3 hours one way. Approx. 6 hours in total.
  • Entrance fee: S / 20
  • Elevation, trailhead: 3850 m.
  • Difficulty: Moderately difficult hike.
  • Road terrain: Flat road for about 30 minutes. Loose rocks on the uphill hike. The last stretch of the trail is undulating, rocky and slippery.
  • Walking distance: 7 km roundtrip
  • Mule rental: At the beginning of the hike for s /. 80
  • Walking time: 1H 30M to reach the lake. And 01 H to return.
  • Maximum altitude: 4200 m
  • Duration of tour: 12 – 13 hours.
  • Height gain: 400 m

Important Information

  • The sooner you leave Cusco, the better, as you will reach the lake before anyone else.
  • The Humantay Lagoon is actually the third most visited place after Machu Picchu and the Rainbow Mountain.
  • It is not permitted to take a dip in the lagoon waters in any way.
  • We recommend that you visit on a sunny day when the colors become more vivid. When it rains or it is foggy, the lake tends to lose its turquoise color.
  • Please note that there are horse / mule rentals for the ascent only.
  • Don’t forget that health and safety always come first. If you begin to feel dizzy, nauseous, have a headache or feel tired during the hike, do not continue and return to a lower altitude as soon as possible.
  • The first two hours driving from Cusco is on a paved road which is the same road that leads to the capital Lima.
  • Humantay and Salkantay have been known as sacred mountains since time immemorial in this part of the region.
  • Soraypampa camp hosts several campsites, with geodesic dome tents popular today offering touristy views of the starry sky all night long.
  • The terrain can become quite rugged, but the mules are sure-footed.

What To Pack For The
Laguna HumantayTrek


Hiking to the Humantay Lagoon is like any other high altitude trek, so it is essential to be well prepared. The tour starts very early in the morning so consider packing the following items:

  • A rain jacket. – It will be cold in the morning and in case of rain you can use a raincoat.
  • A pair of gloves. – Don’t let the morning frost numb your fingers.
  • A hooded sweatshirt / cap and sunglasses. – To protect from the cold in the morning and from solar radiation during the day.
  • A good pair of walking shoes. – Although it is possible to reach the lagoon with running shoes, it is better to use walking shoes that are sturdy and have good traction.
  • Rain poncho. – if you know you are going in the rainy season, you should bring a rain poncho.
  • Walking sticks. – If walking with canes is more your style, then consider carrying them. It will also help you to balance your body’s equilibrium and will also cause less weight to fall on your knees.
  • Water bottle. – Hydrating often while walking will help with oxygen deprivation and that is very important.
  • Sunscreen. – because the ultraviolet rays in the mountains are intense.
  • – Bring some extra energy boosters.
  • Camera. – Carry extra batteries, the devices could be easily discharged.
  • Cash. – There may be a time when you need to rent a mule, then you will need money so you can pay for or buy some snacks as well. Likewise, for the use of restrooms.


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Laguna Humantay Trekking
Laguna Humantay Trekking
Laguna Humantay Trekking
Laguna Humantay Trekking
Laguna Humantay Trekking

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