ATVs in Lunahuana

We will ride through the valley on comfortable and modern ATVs. It will be through a guided circuit, specially enabled for this purpose. The ATVs are automatic vehicles of easy maneuverability that will allow us to travel through rocky trails, cross the beautiful Lunahuaneña countryside and meet many friends in this new adventure.
The duration of the guided tour is approximately 30 to 40 minutes. During the trip we will enjoy the freshness of the trees and the beautiful view of the orchards and songbirds. We will visit a winery located inside one of the largest vineyards in the area.
Safety elements and the support of experienced guides are provided to make your trip an entertaining and risk-free journey. Includes safety equipment (helmet, glasses, gloves).

The circuit enabled by the Municipality for the tour of the ATVs has a distance of 5 km, and a previous 15-minute talk by the practical guide of the activity.

ATVs are fully automatic motor vehicles, which makes them easy to drive for people as young as 12 years old. Some people allow their children under this age to drive them, because they are already experienced and can master the practical handling of the ATV.

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cuatrimotos en lunahuana
cuatrimotos en lunahuana
cuatrimotos en lunahuana
cuatrimotos en lunahuana
cuatrimotos en lunahuana
cuatrimotos en lunahuana

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20 de June de 2023

Cuatrimostos en excelente estado, muy buen servicio

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