Skydiving courses in Lima

In your skydiving course in Lima you will be accompanied by a certified instructor who will instruct you at all times.

The Condor Xtreme Course is the most important training method for first-timers, making this extreme sport accessible to millions of people around the world.

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The safety rules used in Condor Xtreme are approved and regulated by the DGAC. Like our tandem instructors, all our AFF instructors are nationally certified by the DGAC.

Condor Xtreme offer progressive training approved by the DGAC (Dirección General de Areonautica Civil), the organization that regulates skydiving in Peru.

Skydiving courses in Lima is the experience that will change the way you look at life!

The AFF (Aceletared Free Fall) course is the world standard for skydiving certification.

This system is designed for those who are seriously interested in skydiving as a sport and for those who simply wish to make an individual parachute jump.

What’s Included

  • Theoretical classes.
  • Complete Skydiving Equipment.
  • Tickets on the plane.
  • Theoretical Videos.

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