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Buggy rental in Paracas

In Paracas you can enjoy one of the most exciting activities, join us to tour the beautiful dunes of the Paracas Peninsula aboard these unique cars called Tubular or Buggys, which are all-terrain vehicles specially designed for the desert.

Clases de Buceo en Lima

Diving Lessons in Lima

We offer you an incredible experience that will give you the opportunity to connect closely with the sea and its amazing species. We invite you to a new lifestyle, much closer to nature!

huacachina sandboarding

Huacachina Sandboarding, Ica – Peru

Sandboarding in the Huacachina is one of the most polar adventure activities in Ica. Dare and slide down the dunes of Ica in the Peruvian desert. Also, while sandboarding in Ica you can visit the famous Huacachina Lagoon, one of the most incredible attractions in Peru.

Surf lessons in Lima

Surf lessons in Lima: We offer surf lessons for all ages. Our goal is to offer you an unforgettable experience, guaranteeing a safe and quality service.